Safes catalogue 2016 and price adjustment

Soon we will surprise you with a completely new catalogue showing you our complete range of fire and burglary resistant safes!

Thanks to a completely new product group structure, you will be able to browse through the catalogue much quicker and finding the right safe will be even easier than ever before. The product pages have been redesigned and have an improved layout. This will give you a better impression of our safes and their most important product characteristics.

We expect the new catalogue to be ready in April.

Various suppliers have increated their prices at the beginning of this year. Therefore we need to adjust the prices of our products with a maximum of +3%. However the prices of our most popular furniture safes will remain the same.

The new prices are effective as of 4 April 2016. Please contact Iris Verkerke to request a new price list (Excel format) or please contact your account manager if you have any other questions.