About safes

A burglary resistant safe has been specially developed to protect its contents against external attacks. The degree of resistance is determined by the thickness of the metal and the type and number of locks used. Plus other burglary resistant factors which are built into the walls and door of the safe.
A fire resistant safe is constructed in order to protect its contents against fire for a specified period of time. Not all information can be stored in the same way, there is a big difference between paper and data media.
The brain of each safe: the lock

A safe’s method of construction and the materials used are very important in respect of the security the safe provides. However the level of security and user convenience is also determined by the quality of the lock.

On the label inside the safe or cupboard you will find numbers and information which enable you to determine the quality and security level provided by the safe or cupboard.
OFFI Label is an international quality mark, exclusively used for office related products. The objective of OFFI Label is to be the recognisable sign of quality and environment for both private consumers as well as corporate buyers of office related products
Nauta puts a lot of attention and care into the delivery of its products. The delivery and possible installation of (heavy) safes requires an expert approach. Before the safes and cabinets leave our warehouse, they undergo a strict quality check.
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